With 2,143 plant species, San Diego County has more species of plants than any county in the contiguous United States. The geography of the county ranging from salt marshes, lagoons, coastal sage scrub, grasslands, chaparral, oak woodlands, stream sides, mixed conifer forests, freshwater marshes and meadows, to desert makes gardening here fascinating and complex. The San Diego Horticultural Society is dedicated to educating residents about gardening in this rich horticulture environment with many micro-climates.
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Hort of the Year  
Every year the board of the San Diego Horticultural Society selects an important member of the local horticultural community to honor as our Horticulturist of the Year. The award recognizes an individual for a lifetime of achievement and service.

 Donate   The San Diego Horticultural Society has proudly been serving the local gardening community since 1994. Memberships cover only a portion of our costs. Your tax deductible contributions help us expand our efforts to promote horticulture in the San Diego region; even a small donation makes a real difference.
  • SDHS is a California public benefit corporation with no voting members.
  • SDHS's directors are elected by the Board of Directors at its annual meeting.
  • Directors serve a three-year term of office, with vacancies filled by approval of the Board until the next annual election.  Each year 3 new one-year term directors are also elected.
  • Election takes place at the September Board meeting
  • Board meetings are held the 3rd Monday of odd numbered months.
  • All SDHS directors and officers are proud to serve as volunteers.
  • The San Diego Horticultural Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization promoting horticulture in the San Diego area. Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.
The San Diego Horticultural Society sprang from modest seeds sown in 1994 by our founders Don and Dorothy Walker, Steve Brigham, Diana Goforth, Laurie Bussis, Bill and Linda Teague, Adele Snyder and Kathy Musial. Their vision was to establish a friendly group of garden enthusiasts from beginners to skilled professionals to get together and share information and the joy of gardening. Our first meeting was held at San Diego Botanic Garden - then named Quail Botanical Gardens.
We grew so quickly that in just two months we had to find a larger meeting space. SDHS now has over 1100 members, and our monthly meetings are held the second Monday of the month in the UTC area at Congregation Beth Israel.

Susi Torre-Bueno served as president from 2003 to 2010 and was instrumental in growing the organization and establishing us as a San Diego institution.  In 2012 she was honored our Horticulturist of the Year.

Jim Bishop served as president from 2011 to 2017 and was instrumental in expanding our technical capabilities to meet the technical challenges of the 21st Century.

Our Mission To inspire and educate the people of San Diego County to grow and enjoy plants, and to create beautiful, environmentally responsible gardens and landscapes.

Our Vision To champion regionally appropriate horticulture in San Diego County.


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